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Our Values: Freshest Cosmetics

Freshness is a philosophy we live and breathe

While fruit is growing on a tree, it receives a constant flow of energy. As soon as it’s picked, it starts to decompose. The sooner we use it, the higher its nutrients and the greater the benefit to your skin and hair.

It’s for this reason that we use the freshest ingredients possible. Fresh fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables are delivered straight to our doors from local suppliers, and we quickly get to work slicing, squeezing and mixing them into expertly formulated recipes.

While our ingredients are one part of what makes us so fresh, our belief in freshness is infused into every area of our business. Each day of the week, we’re busy making fresh batches of your favorite products. This way, you can experience our products exactly how they were intended: freshly made and at their peak of effectiveness.

Our team of product inventors works tirelessly to create fresh new inventions and improve longstanding favorites too. We listen to our customers’ valuable feedback and concerns, and strive to improve their Lush experience through innovation.

As you browse through our website, you’ll see fresh isn’t just an adjective in our company name—it’s a philosophy that we live and breathe. From whole, fresh ingredients to exciting new products and limited edition inventions, it’s clear why fresh is our middle name.