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Eco-friendly Holiday Packaging

Boxes made of mushrooms, giftwrap made of shrubs

We all love a gorgeously-wrapped gift at the holidays; those packages and parcels bundled in colorful paper and sparkly string can make our hearts skip a beat.

But once it’s all in a heap on the floor, the reality of single-use wrapping can feel anything but magical. So instead of consigning all of that loveliness to the trash can this year, consider some eco-friendly alternatives that are every bit as beautiful and can be reused again and again to delight many a gift recipient for years to come.

It should be noted that all of our wrapped gifts are made from recycled and recyclable materials (even the tags!) but we want to put a spotlight on the wrapping methods that go the extra mile. From fabric wraps to sparkly tins, read on for our roundup of reusable ways to give your gift a little extra sparkle this year.

Fabric wraps

Knot-wraps are the perfect way to bundle up some naked goodies like bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps and more, and each comes with a unique and beautiful design. Plus, they’re made from recycled plastic bottles, making them silky like a flowy scarf and perfect as an adorable hair bow or handkerchief if it catches your fancy.

You have plenty to choose from including a huddle of Deconstructed Snowmen, a game of Elves and Ladders, a helping of Brussel Sprouts and, well, Just A Good Old-Fashioned Merry Christmas… among others.

Or let us do the fabric wrapping

Prefer to pick up a gift already wrapped in fabric? Our new soap stacks come bundled in tenugui cotton wraps that can be reused as hand towels. Choose between the relaxing floral bliss of Sleepy, the sweet serenity of Festive and the cheery citrus fun of Stargazing. And this year we also have Enchanted, a gift brimming with skincare favorites all tied up in muslin for the perfect face cloth as soon as it’s unfurled.

Give them something to sprout about with cute knot-wrap designs.

A picture of Brussel Sprouts Knot-wrap bundled around a package.

Lokta paper

Here’s one form of giftwrap you’re sure to be-leaf in: Lokta paper. Lokta paper is a durable, reusable paper that made from the outer bark of a renewable Himalayan evergreen shrub. Then we cover it in fun patterns and designs so you can bundle up great gifts like bath bombs, bubble bars and more and let your favorite person pass the gift of reusable paper on the next year. This year’s range includes the juicy Orange with more to come later in the season.

Mycelium & hemp box

You’ll only find this amazing innovation in one gift this year, but it’s so cool we just had to shout about it. Our mycelium & hemp box is made from hemp and mushrooms; it’s a MycoComposite that’s grown to order in seven short days, all without the need for wasteful plastic. You can pop it on your bathroom counter or shower ledge to hold your products between washes and, when you’re done, toss it straight in the compost. You’ll find it in the Snow Showers Gift, which also comes complete with three sweet-smelling shower gels we think you’ll love, too.

Sparkly tins

Recycled-metal tins…but make them fashion. That’s the idea behind these two pretty product holders. The Red Sparkly Square Tin is a bit like a cookie tin, ready to hold all of your favorite naked products like body butters, soaps, shampoo bars and more. Then there’s its long and lean counterpart, Green Sparkly Tube Tin—a perfect way to keep a stack of bath bombs high, dry and ready for holiday bathing. Both make great ways to gift someone’s favorite Lush treats.

Want more information about this year’s holiday range, or some help choosing the perfect gift? Contact our Customer Care team for more details.

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