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Lather up to wind down
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Drift away to dreamland with Sleepy's sweet and softening shower suds. Oat milk, lavender oil, tonka and ylang ylang combine to create a signature scent that's at first a bit sweet and then calming—the perfect nighttime remedy for winding down before bed. For the dreamiest possible skin, wash the day away with this sweet-scented shower gel, and then follow with the original Sleepy Body Lotion and thank us in the morning.

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This product is LIFE CHANGING

Emeryville, CA | 11 days ago

I NEVER took showers at night. After getting the Sleepy Shower gel sample a few times, I realized how much I love it. I take my showers mainly at night now because of this body wash. Best body wash ever!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best ever soap for everyday and for travel.

oceanside CA | 21 days ago

Lush sent this as a gift to me when an online order got befuddled. I ordered also the large size sleepy lotion and twilight body spray. These items are not only infused with the usual lavender fragrances. They are mixed perfectly with a subtly lavender and also a musky scent which gives a lingering fragrance that is soothing and calming. The lotion is incredible- equal to the best french lotion in its facial moisturizing capabilities and long lasting scent. The soap was a surprise because it to is moisturizing and the fragrance holds beautifully. It travelled so well in its wrapper. Although it is purple I did not notice it staining anything and I used it to hand wash light coloured face masks and other small items on the trip. It made hotel showers so much better for the three weeks we drive around the PNW. It also made the toiletry bag happily fragranced. I didn't want to travel with perfumes in glass bottles and especially because of mosquitos so this soap was perfect. It lasted the whole 3 weeks and 2 more after that..An incredible bargain- no wonder it's out of stock online.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It doesn't quite smell like lavender

Huntington Beach, CA | 1 month ago

I think this product is OK, but I expected probably a bit more based on some of these reviews. The scent is mild and doesn't smell much like lavender. It has a bit of a chemical and sweet smell to it that is hard to describe, but I would have definitely preferred a natural lavender smell that I've smelled from other Lush products.


New York, NY | 1 month ago

What kind of soap leaves lasting, unremovable stains on your washcloths? No bleach has been able to get rid of the purple. Doesn't even matter if I like the scent or the product itself. I feel like there should be a PSA on the website or the bottle itself. Just annoying.


NJ | 1 month ago

My favourite is the Rose Jam but this caught my eye, so I bought a small bottle to test and this is now my nighttime shower gel fav! The smell isn't overwhelming; it's perfect to set the tone of relaxation.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I can't live without it!!!

Inglewood, California | 1 month ago

My daughter bought me a container of Sleepy a few years ago and that's when I fell in love. I'm 62 and I must say it keeps my skin looking radiant. I have dry skin so I love the silky smooth results after I apply it all over. Especially my face, legs and hands ****
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Need to fix sediment on bottom of bottle, wouldn't mix in

Prince George, BC Canada | 1 month ago

I didn't mind the product at all, just didn't smell as nice as I thought as I am not really big on the scent to start with. It made my skin soft, lathered up nice, just not as creamy as I was hoping. The bottle had a sediment that settled at the bottom probably during shipping. The sales lady told me that as I use it and shake it up, it will mix with the product but it never did. I even tried to use a knitting needle and a chopstick, but it still didn't want to budge, so maybe I am thinking I missed some benefit of the product if that little bit had mixed in with the rest of the bottle. Anyone who loves lavender would most likely buy it again. But unless they fix the issue with the sediment, I will hold off buying it again. If they have it in a naked form with everything mixed in already and no settling of product, I would give it another try. I bought it at the Kelowna store in BC as the one in my town PG has closed their location.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love Love Love it

Geneseo, IL | 1 month ago

Best thing to ever happen. Helps me sleep and calms the nerves and helps heal the skin. Can't say enough about this product. Thanks
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I'm sure I'll buy this one in a BIG bottle.

PA | 1 month ago

I have anxiety. I love to light a candle and shower at night in the dark, it's so relaxing and now I have a new companion, this baby! It's so soothing and calming for your skin. I'll be buying this for all my friends, my mother and my mother in law for Christmas this year. It is a must have for anyone you love.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Amazing smell but skin feels tight

Rhode Island | 2 months ago

I absolutely adore the scent of the Sleepy products!! I'm not sure if my skin or water has changed or if the product just doesn't mix well anymore, but it does leave my skin feel tight and stripped afterwards and I don't remember this happening in the past. I love Lush products, but I desperately wish they'd kick the sulfates out!! If your skin isn't very sensitive or troublesome, you'll likely be fine with this!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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